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Empowering people to protect themselves
from overexposure to EMF radiation.

EMF Consulting Services

Remote training and on-site electromagnetic field measurements with recommendations based on the precautionary principle.

Detailed Measurements of the Four Common Types of EMF

Electric Fields

Electric fields, measured in Volts per meter (V/m), are created by the pressure of electric voltage.

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields, measured in milligauss (mG) or nanotesla (nT), are present wherever electric current flows.


Radio and microwave wireless frequencies are measured in watts or microwatts per square meter (μW/m²).

Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity is a common term referring to electro-magnetic interference or harmonics present on wiring.

What You’ll Receive with a
Certified EMF Expert Consultation 

Initial Assessment

A discussion to understand your concerns and current exposure levels from the areas where you spend the most time.

EMF Measurements

Measurements of or training on electric, magnetic and radio frequency fields as well as electromagnetic line harmonics.

Location Research

Detailed data regarding towers and antennas producing EMF within a couple miles of your residence or business.

Personal Consulting

Time taken to thoroughly answer any of your questions, and to make sure you understand options to lower exposures.

Information Packet

A printed booklet or PDF with valuable EMF information including precautionary exposure level guidelines.

Customer Recommendations

An emailed report detailing all of the EMF measurements plus personalized recommendations and resources. 

Professionally Certified

I completed the EMF Professional Training Certification program with Honors from EMF Experts, founded by an Electrical Engineer with over 40 years of industry experience and a senior member of IEEE (International Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

As a Certified EMF Expert Consultant, I provide the very best in education, detection and protection methods for reducing overexposure to potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an EMF consultation cost?

After our initial free discussion, an estimate will be provided based on a flat rate of $75 per hour applied to both remote consultations and on-site visits. A basic consultation typically costs $300-$600.

What is included with a remote EMF consultation?

The same assessment, research and information without on-site measurements. EMF meter and measurement training can be provided remotely to a reasonable degree of effectiveness.

Will there be any additional expenses?

The provided estimate will be the only cost for the consultation. Although I may recommend electrical work or shielding products that would need to be purchased separately.

How long will an EMF consultation take?

A basic consultation usually takes between 2-4 hours, with an additional 2-4 hours afterwards to create the report. It may take more time depending on several factors like square footage.

How far will you travel to measure on-site EMF?

Driving time further than one hour will be billed at the normal consultation rate. Circumstances may allow for traveling a long distance, or I may be able to recommend someone in your area. 

Can I take my own EMF measurements?

Of course! Measurements can vary depending on when they were taken among other factors. I can help choose effective measuring devices within your budget, which are also helpful if you travel.


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Remote phone and video call EMF consultations are accessible from anywhere.

On-site EMF measurements are available in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas.