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Learn about the growing number of studies revealing harmful biological effects of EMF radiation from common technology.

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Professionally metered electric, magnetic and radio frequency measurements detailed with precautionary guidelines.

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Understand how to eliminate, distance, moderate and shield to create a healthy modern living environment.

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Hello! I’m Chris

Certified EMF Expert Consultant

I started down a path of personal health early on as a creative professional in the tech field. Working long hours at a computer desk, I eventually learned that balancing my screen time with healthy eating and exercise habits was essential to my well-being.

A few years ago, I became intrigued by a developing international concern over the long-term safety of using devices that many of us rely on every day. Researching this topic out of curiosity for my own health, I found a growing body of evidence suggesting that the EMF (electromagnetic fields) emitting from common consumer products may be harmful to our biology at exposure levels much lower than industry safety standards.

This led me to begin changing my technology habits and my home environment, and to seek professional training where I learned to measure the different types of potentially harmful EMF in homes and businesses along with mitigation and remediation strategies.

In this time of increasing exposure to a new type of pollution, I’m excited to share my knowledge and expertise with others as we work together towards a safe and healthy future!

My Approach & Expertise

With a background in technology and education, I enjoy living in the modern world. There are many simple solutions to drastically lower EMF exposures without going off the grid. 

I became a Certified EMF Expert Consultant in March of 2020 with an Award of Excellence honor. I continue to add real-world experience and practical application knowledge offering quality consulting services regarding EMF exposure for your home or business.

I follow biologically-based precautionary guidelines for EMF exposure provided by IGNIR (International Guidelines on Non-Ionizing Radiation), the BioInitiative Report for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields, and the Building Biology Precautionary Guidelines for Sleeping Areas.

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“I contacted Chris about an EMF consultation for our new office building. He was friendly, professional and honest, and now I feel better about working here knowing what to take care of.”

Sheila Saunders – Commercial Customer

“I reached out to Chris to conduct an audit of electromagnetic radiation levels inside of our house, and my only regret is that I didn’t call him years earlier.”

Mark McCauley – Residential Customer

“You were very helpful with your complete inspection inside and outside our home. Again, thank you very much.”

Betty Marker – Residential Customer

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Remote phone and video call EMF consultations are accessible from anywhere.

On-site EMF measurements are available in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas.